America’s imports, exports and total economy of America.

Total population if the America is 329.5 million. America is covering is 50 states. America is one of the countries who trade the largest. America trades over $5.6 trillion in exports which was recorded in 2019. Profit margin of the America’s import is the 50% and some of them profit margin is 5%. Total value of Exports of America recorded 2.56$ trillion dollar which was recorded in 2018. Total value of exports recorded in 2020 was 2.16 despite of COVID-19 American economy survived. American imports $3.1 trillion worth of goods, which includes capital goods, consumer goods, instrumental goods automotive goods foods, feeds and beverages. America exports the capital goods, instrumental goods, consumer goods, automotive and foods, feeds and beverages. The total trades of America deficit the increased 1079$ billion. America has the largest imports of agriculture commodities. Click the link below