General Motors and its share price

General Motors is an American multinational company. General Motors is manufacturing automotive cars. General Motors headquarters are located in Detroit, Michigan and United States. General Motors is one of the largest automotive cars making all around the world. General Motors company is 77 years old. Let’s talk about the share price of General Motors, currently share price is trading at 39.70 U.S Dollars. General Motors share was trading at 36.13 U.S dollar in August 2,2022, on August 11 it was trading at 39.48. General Motors does not have so much price fluctuation in its share price because they are also working on electric motor cars. When they launch their electric motor car one share of General Motors will hit 100 U.S Dollars. The buying price of General Motors share was at 20 U.S Dollars. If you want to read more about General Motors and its share price click the link below