Elon Musk views on cryptocurrencies

First question raised by anchor “How we pay things that seems to an area in which it hasn’t been as much subsequent innovation other than Bitcoin as it should be in other words quickly transferring money especially to people you don’t know or whatever is to maybe I’m wrong far more difficult and it seemed like it should be are you somewhat disappointed with the way PayPal then proceeded or you disappointed with the lack of innovation in the digital currency and environment?

Elon Musk said “Yeah If people has definitely I mean it hasn’t moved much since from when it was sort bought by eBay the long-term vision. I had for Paypal sort of finance it’s sound like to convert the financial system from a series of heterogeneous insecure databases to one Database.  Well not database but maybe there’d be like a few more the money is just in database that’s what it is. It is primarily an information mechanism for allocation and the current databases are not very efficient. They are you know there are these old legacy mainframes that don’t talk to each other very well. We should have core security and only do there and do vast processing one a day.” If you want to know more cryptocurrencies click the link below