Tesla Model 3 price and functionalities comparison with BMW

Tesla model 3 and it’s a little bit like a one plus mobile phone in the way it has almost the same performance. Tesla model 3 is the more expensive model. But it is more affordable so it starts in America from around 35 000 USD. In Europe it starts from 50 000 Euros.  You can’t get it yet you’ll be able to within a year then it’ll probably cost around 50 000 pounds. You can check that you’re paying a fair price for the car. You’re looking at this is the performance version of the model 3. So it has some sporty upgrades like a carbon fiber rear spoiler 20-inch, alloy wheels, bigger brakes and it sits lower to the ground as well. But it looks like a model S. Just a little bit more modern a little bit smaller and of course look being an electric car. There is no grill so it doesn’t really have a mouth, as such i do like the look of it though. it Is quite a neat and tidy looking car but inside it’s suitably high-tech. So it’s a really clean modern design. in here there’s hardly any buttons the only buttons there are are actually on the steering wheel and quality is pretty good as well. It’s much better I than in the model S which is the more expensive car. So there’s squidgy materials on the dash of the car. Even down on the door bins of the car as well. And the build quality is better than before so the controls have a nice damp feeling to them the materials. Don’t shake in the car there are a few bits and pieces where you press it and it just feels a little bit. It feel less solid than say something like a BMW. If you want to know more about Tesla Model 3